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Round 3, Challenge 2 - Voting

Hi, again! Whose sick of me? LOL. Hopefully none of you, because it is now time to vote! :D YAY!

Read over the drabbles and choose one most favorite and one least favorite drabble. While reading, keep in mind the prompt and word count restrictions. Once you've chosen, put the number of each drabble in the corresponding box at the end of this post. Please remember to put number of the drabble and not the name; it makes it a lot easier for us to keep track. Each most favorite vote will receive +1 point and each least favorite vote will receive -1 point. The drabble with the most points will win the challenge! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

If, at any point in time, you have a question about the voting procedure, please contact indaze22 or me ASAP. Thanks.

Enough babble, onto the drabbles!

PROMPT: Aggression vs. Fear
"Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional." -Max Lucade
WORD COUNT: 100-499 words

TITLE: In Times of War
AUTHOR: seatbeltdrivein
WARNING(S): violence, character death

Granger's body lay prone over the debris-ridden ground, a ring of heavy smoke obscuring Harry as he crouched over her.

Pansy's hand ghosted over the mark on her arm, her victory marred. She'd broken Harry and brought him to his knees. She'd won.

So why was she left wondering if it had even been worth it?

"I trusted you," Harry said, his pained voice breaking the silence.

"That was your first mistake," Pansy bit back.

"I thought we—" Harry shook his head as he turned away from Granger's body.

"What?" Pansy scoffed. "You thought we were in love? You've always been an idiot, Potter."

Harry's eyes were dry and his features slack, as though his heart had simply given out under the weight of so many losses. Pansy pushed away a memory of Harry's face, only more relaxed, the feel of his skin something close to happiness. This was what she wanted, not him.

The mark began to burn, and tendrils of pain shot up her arm: her Lord was calling.

Harry went stiff, his eyes drawn to the movement of Pansy's hand against the mark.

"Was it worth it, Parkinson?" He spoke slowly, his words teeming with an unfamiliar darkness that caused Pansy to start. "Do you think Voldemort'll give you a medal?"

"Don't say his name," Pansy shrieked, clenching her arm. The burn increased, a white hot pain spreading through her body.

Harry said nothing as his eyes focused on her, his fist clenching around his wand.

"You're going to lose," she said. "You don't have your friends to help you now."

"I do have them," he said quietly, raising his wand. "But I wouldn't expect you to understand that."

Pansy held her wand out defensively as Harry took a step forward.

"They've given me a reason," he continued, his voice eerily calm.

"A reason?" Pansy stumbled slightly, unconsciously moving away from the chilling look in Harry's eyes.

Harry didn't smile, didn't move. "I would never have hurt you," Harry said. "But for them…" His eyes trailed to Granger's body. "I would do anything."

Harry's wand jutted out in front of him as he took another step, and he cut it quickly through the air, Pansy's wand ripping from her grip in the wake of the snappish movement. She backed away until there was nowhere left to go, hitting the wall as his wand brushed her nose, its tip trailing over her lips before settling at the base of her throat.

"Harry," Pansy said, her voice a quiet tremble. "What are you doing?"

"Was it worth it?" he repeated, jamming his wand into her throat.

Pansy was unable to answer around the pressure of Harry's wand, but he didn't seem to care. Panic rose up in her chest as his eyes steeled, any trace of the man she knew extinguished by what she'd done.

No, Pansy wanted to cry out as her sight went green, nothing is worth this.

TITLE: I Need You
AUTHOR: scarletladyy

"You said you'd stay with me tonight, Harry," Pansy said forcefully, standing with her arms folded and staring directly at him.

"I know," Harry sighed, "but Ron and Hermione need me."

"And what about me?"

Harry raised his eyebrows, as though he didn't have a clue what she was going on about. "What about you?"

"Don't I need you?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Do you?"

"Ugh!" Pansy stomped her foot on the ground. "That's not the point. You promised."

"Yes, but that was before --"

"No!" Pansy yelled. "No 'buts'. Not this time, Harry. You're always off gallivanting with them and I don't like it."

"They're my friends, Pansy."

Pansy shrugged. "I'm your girlfriend. Surely that makes me higher up in your life than them?"

"I don't know, I don't think of you in terms of where you stand," he said, grabbing his coat. "I'll be back later."

"But I need you too," Pansy cried in frustration, stopping Harry in his tracks.


"You heard me," Pansy said haughtily, embarrassed at being so vulnerable. "I feel like... I feel like I'm losing you to them."

A wide grin spread across Harry's face, irritating Pansy further.


"Nothing," Harry smiled. "I just... nevermind. Here, you order that pizza while I get the table ready. I'll let Ron and Hermione know I made plans with you first."

"Thanks," Pansy said quietly, a smile playing on the corner of her lips. "Oh, and don't think you can tell anyone about this."

Harry laughed. "I won't," he called through the hallway. "I'd like to keep my balls!"

TITLE: Battles
AUTHOR: dollfaced
WARNING(S): mention of character death (canon)

Pansy took a deep breath. She inched closer to her boyfriend; it was either that or run screaming from the room.

This was the last place she wanted to be, but it was important to Harry to honor his friend’s memory, so it was important to her.

Great. One of the many reasons she didn’t want to be here was stalking their way over in a decided huff.

“I can’t believe you brought her,” Hermione said in an angry whisper that was just loud enough for Pansy to hear. “We talked about this, Harry.”

“No, you lectured me. Pansy is my girlfriend and Fred was my friend. I want… no, I need her here with me today.”

Hermione’s eyes softened. “I’m trying to be understanding about this.” Pansy scoffed and Hermione’s harsh glare returned. “But don’t come to me when Ron won’t speak to you for a week. You know how he feels about this.” Pansy noted the anguish in Hermione’s voice.

“That’s not fair, Hermione. It’s been five years since Fred died. Ron needs to move on. We all do.”

“It’s not that easy.” Hermione replied. Pansy felt a sudden regret for all the nasty things she’d said and done to Hermione in school. It was really coming around to bite her in the arse. Then anger bubbled up. As Granger walked away, Pansy had a strong urge to yank her by her frizzy hair and shake her until every tooth in her swotty little know-it-all mouth fell out.

But she didn’t. She simply wasn’t that girl anymore.

Pansy squeezed Harry’s hand gently and he leaned in to whisper comforting words in her ear. Mustering up a smile, she looked up and nodded to him that she was okay.

In the pit of her stomach, she could feel the heaviness of fear that she would never win his friends’ acceptance. She could apologize a million times, in a million ways but it would never be enough. The brush of Harry’s arm against her own strengthened her resolve to continue the fight, for Harry’s sake if not hers.

There were battles worth fighting, but in the battle that was worth winning, the one for Harry's heart, she'd already won.

TITLE: Grotesque
AUTHOR: akinriahtram
WARNING(S): Character death. Implied insanity. Violence.

I’m semi-conscious of the scene that is displayed before me. I’m vaguely aware that my right hand and my body are covered in blood. To some extent, I am conscious of the uncountable corpses of my allies and my opponents lying on the ground, but in actuality, all I see is the man who was supposedly my lover; the one who was supposedly the Hero - the Boy Who Lived.

What did you do? What did you do Pansy Parkinson? My very own soul shrieks grotesquely. The taste rusted copper is stuck at the back of my throat, making me feel like hurling. I don’t remember anything. Nothing at all. I can’t seem to recall the past events of the last five minutes or so.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I hear myself repeating futile sentence hysterically like a broken soundtrack.

Although I can’t remember anything, my mind knows what I’d done. The fingers of my hand trace the scar on his forehead.

He was losing color, turning into a pale shade of white that resembles the blanket of snow that is splattered and decorated with scarlet red blood from the many that died. I’m not ready to lose him. I’m not ready to lose him yet. He was supposed to the Boy Who Lived, not the Boy Who Died! And if he were to die, it should’ve been by the hands of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, not by Pansy Parkinson.

“Move!” Weasly cries out as he shoves me to the side.

The last two of the Golden Trio rushes up to him.
Weasly stares wide-eyed at Harry for a couple of seconds before going hysterical.

“YOU BLOODY KILLED HIM!” He shouts uproariously as he grabs his wand, ready to hex me, only to be held back by Granger.


“I want to hear her explanation first.” Granger turns to me and arched her eyebrow, as to demand an explanation from her. She made no attempt to hide her hostility to me.

I stared absentmindedly at nothing, and then a sudden bubbling feeling of irrational happiness numbs me and I feel my lips curving into a smile.

I hear myself explaining, “I was afraid of him leaving me. I was afraid of never getting hold of him. But Pansy Parkinson always gets what she wants…”

I hear an eerie chuckle, which I realized to have come from me. Something inside me snaps when I realized that my right hand wasn’t holding onto my wand.

“…and I wanted his heart.”

TITLE: Flying teapots
AUTHOR: swimnsail

Harry ducked as another flying missile whizzed it’s way past his head. He held out his hands in surrender. “Look, I said I was sorry!” He shouted.

“Sorry?” Pansy shrieked. “Sorry, Potter? Do you know how much time I spent building up my reputation? Do you?”

Harry winced. This wasn’t getting any better, and he could tell it was steadily going to get worse. “I know, love.” He said soothingly.

“If you damn well, know, why in the name of Merlin’s saggy pants did you have to announce to everyone that we were dating?” Her voice rose higher with each word.

Harry started to get somewhat frustrated at this point. He knew that no one had expected Pansy and he to start dating after the War, but things changed. People changed. But to hear her say that her reputation was more important than him…it hurt. “Fine,” he said angrily. “If you’re that concerned about your sodding reputation, I guess we’re through.”

“Fine!” She spat.


They both stood opposite each other, glaring daggers, and if looks could kill, they would both be lying on the floor.

Pansy caved first. “It’s not that my reputation is more important than you, but couldn’t you have at least waited until we told people before you started kissing me at dinner!”

Harry blushed. He had somehow forgotten that in the midst of his excitement. “Look, I was just excited, ok?” He said defensively.

Pansy laughed, and sauntered up to him, placing her arms around his neck. “I was afraid of telling them too,” she whispered in his ear, “But I think it might have been a little easier than Draco throwing that teapot at your head.”

“True,” Harry conceded, rubbing the now-throbbing bump on his head. “But my way was quicker.”

TITLE: You, Me and All of the People
AUTHOR: somandalicious
RATING: a Diet R.
WARNING: A cuss word.

It all happened very quickly.

One moment Harry Potter was standing near the water cooler chatting Quidditch with Ron Weasley and the next he was roughly shoved against the wall. Slim fingers were tangling angrily into his hair while his chin was forcefully jerked to the side. Before he could comprehend what was happening to him, Pansy Parkinson’s tongue was lasciviously laving the length of his jawline to his earlobe, where she gave a not-so-playful nip.

His eyes screwed shut¸ his teeth clenched, his heart pounded and his knees became weak. Vaguely he was aware of what was happening to him and that the Magical Law Enforcement office was an inappropriate place for such behavior. It occurred to him that he should probably shove her away.

Then, her fingers snaked under his jumper as her mouth claimed his in a ferociously searing kiss, her tongue pulsing and dancing with his. Rationality failed him and his surroundings fell away into oblivion. He didn’t know what to do with his hand, his brain was lost in the thrilling sensations and the panic of losing control . All he could surmise was that she was rather strong for being such a petite witch, because if she wasn’t holding him up, he’d surely topple over on top of her and then he couldn’t be held responsible for his actions.

He could feel the instinct to flee or fight well up inside his sternum and before he could give her a taste of her own medicine, she ripped her face from his and raised up to whisper into his ear, “Can’t wait to see you tonight.”

She licked her lips and gave him a suggestive leer before turning to saunter away and down the hall with all the class and grace of a duchess.
As he goggled at the suggestive sway of her hips, he attempted to slow his ragged breathing and gather his wits.

Ron was staring at him with wide, disbelieving eyes and his mouth had fallen agape. “Blimey, Harry. Parkinson scares the shite out of me!

Harry swallowed thickly and nodded. “Me too.”

“And you continue to date her,” Ron asked incredulously.

Harry merely shrugged as he straighted his glasses and adjusted his shirt tails. “Bravery is not the lack of fear, my friend, but acting in spite of it.”

“So is stupidity!”

Harry smirked, “What can I say? There is something thrilling and alluring about a vixen who has no qualms about ravishing a wizard nearly to death.”

Dating Pansy Parkinson was the equivalent to facing Voldemort. Harry Potter couldn’t wait for tonight either.

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Aggression vs. Fear
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