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pphp_ldws's Journal

Pansy/Harry: Last Drabble Writer Standing
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We, the Moderators, are proud to present the first Harry/Pansy drabble writing contest community!

This community is run in a LDWS – Last Drabble Writer Standing – contest format. This means that writers will sign up to compete in a round, writing a response to a different prompt each week for eight weeks.

Each week, readers vote on which responses they liked best and least – one writer is eliminated, and one writer is declared that week's winner.

Sadly, there can be only one drabble writer left standing at the end, so the eliminations will continue until Finale week, when the remaining three writers battle it out for the title of Last Drabble Writer Standing.

So, with that being said, are you up for the challenge?

Round One archive here!
Round Two archive here!
Round Three archive here!

.o1 Only community members may enter the challenges.

.o2 Community members must sign up for current round to participate in challenges.

.o3 The first 10 people to comment on the Sign up post will be that rounds participants.

.o4 Challenges will always be posted on a Saturday.

.o5 Responses are due the following Wednesday.

.o6 Voting will open on Thursday and close on Friday.

.o7 Winners and eliminated contestants will be announced on Saturday morning.

.o8 All drabbles must be 499 words or under, unless otherwise specified.

.o9 Please refrain from writing drabbles with explicit sexual situations or violence.

.1o Anonymity is HIGHLY important to the fairness of this competition!
♦ Please do not post your drabbles (or alternate versions) anywhere else until the challenge it was written for is over.
♦ Please do not write drabble responses that are continuations of previous submissions.
♦ What you wrote is to remain both private and anonymous until each voting result is revealed.
♦ Moderators have the right to disqualify manipulative voters
♦ You may use a beta, but please keep it to one person who can keep a secret.

.11 Feel free to pimp your participation in pphp_ldws.

.12 Contestants will have one skip during the round, which they are free to use until there are 4 participants left (semi-finals). However, skips will not be allowed for the first challenge. Sorry, folks.

.13 Please include "Chris Gervat is HAWT!" in your sign up reply so we know you've read the rules (yes, your mods are nutjobs).

.o1 To encourage the widest reading audience possible, pphp_ldws has an open membership policy.

.o2 Flamers will NOT be tolerated.

.o3 You do not need to be a member to vote.

.o4 In the event of a tie for Most Favorite, the drabble with the most Most Favorite votes will be the winner.

.o5 In the event of a tie for Least Favorite, the drabble with the most Lease Favorite votes will be eliminated.

.o6 A 24-hour tie-breaker round will take place in the event that there is a tie among the highest and/or lowest votes.

.o7 A Mod's Choice drabble will be chosen each week, and posted with the results on each Saturday. The Mod's Choice vote is not influenced by the community vote.

To view the list of our affiliates or to become an affiliate, please check here.

Rules and procedures modeled after ldws and dramione_ldws.

Profile banners, profile code, and layout header by cardigankate.

Profile layout by hellogoodmornin and tweaked by inadaze22.

Round One: Winner, participant, and Mod's Choice banners by wildflower4evr.
Round Two: Winner, participant, and Mod's Choice banners by cardigankate.
Round Three: Winner, participant, and Mod's Choice banners by cardigankate.